12. What makes Sleek Bill for India the best invoice software?

An important distinction between our product and others is that, from the design phase, we aimed to keep it as clean and simple as possible, thus creating one of the most user friendly invoice software solutions available.

Furthermore, unlike other billing solutions available on the Indian market, the Premium version of Sleek Bill for India comes with multiple customization and security features. You can choose your paper format, change the color of your documents and even select what information will be displayed in the document. You can also set up password protection for the safety of your information.

Another highly useful Premium feature concerns the way payments are made. Our billing software allows you to add your PayPal account to your invoices. This way so you can receive money faster and reduce the hassle for your customers.

No more poorly edited and ugly invoices, no more crowded dashboards, no more redundant features. Keep it clean, efficient and beautiful!

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