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2.4.8 - Novemeber 12th 2021   Update from here

1. Feature: New client/vendor statement report;

2. Feature: Advance payment feature for internal tracking. Do note this is not considered in statements or GST reports. It is just for internal tracking and should be converted to receipt when invoice is made;

3. Improvement: Show PAN on model 4;

4. Improvement: PAN added in clients report export file;

5. FIX: Prefix length to 13 for secondary documents;

6. FIX: Gstr1 report update with rate column;

7. BUG: CREDIT NOTES did not appear in some payment options;

8. BUG: Multiple small bugs and fixes.

2.4.7 - January 8th 2021

1. BUG: GST - TCS206C no longer applied on shipping fees;

2. BUG: Traditional taxation - New Payment Creation fixed;

3. BUG: Traditional taxation - Bill Creation fixed;

4. BUG: Traditional taxation: Expense report not always appearing;

5. BUG: Traditional taxation: old taxes removed;

6. BUG: Reset document numbers manual button did not always work;

6. BUG: Error message appears if you try to overwrite 245 diretory - FOR THIS CASE PLS INSTALL IN A SEPARATE FOLDER;

2.4.6 - December 16th 2020

1. Feature: Packing slip document added;

2. Feature: TDS/TCS + TCS(206C) implemented;

3. Feature: Add and Track Expenses from Sleek Bill dashboard;

4. MOD: Fiscal Year function modified to be automatic and now has option to reset document numbers automatically;

5. Improvement: A4 template added to Payment documents;

6. Improvement: Prefix can now be set with different default for each document type;

7. Improvement: "Bill To" label added in Model 4 template;

8. Improvement: Debit Note added to In&Out Inventory Report;

9. Improvement: Invoice Export report now has TDS, TCS, PAN columns;

10. Improvement: Option to rename Purchase Order title label;

11. Improvement: Notes in Payment documents - "Mark as default" option added;

12. FIX: Template 4 option to hide disc column added;

13. FIX: Dadra and Nagar Haveli / Daman and Diu merged into new UT;

14. FIX: Jammu & Kashmir state removal and 2UTs added;

15. BUG: Scaling issue on Resolutions with Windows zoom enabled;

16. BUG: Inclusive taxation calculation error when cess added;

17. BUG: Payment documents could not be emailed;

18. BUG: GST template 4 column label did not take from preferences;

19. BUG: Bill - auto generate next document number;

20. BUG: Purchase order cgst/sgst/igst based on bill to state;

21. BUG: json for eway sometimes had errors with ship to data;

22. BUG: Ability to add invoice in old Fiscal year with no errors;

23. FIX: New Company screen changed to 2 screens;

24. Multiple small bugs and fixes.

2.4.5 - January 27th 2020

1. Improvement: CGST/SGST or IGST based on clients "Bill to" state

2. Improvement: Hide columns feature in GST template model 4;

3. Improvement: Document number prefix in Bills;

4. Improvement: Export clients with balance;

5. Improvement: PAN added in clients report export file;

6. FIX: E-way Bill Json shows invoice number prefix;

7. BUG: Bill reports export default save directory;

8. BUG: Delivery Note doesn't have quantity column in document;

9. BUG: Contact form sometimes did not work;

10. Multiple small bugs and fixes

2.4.4 - October 17th 2019

1. Improvement: Filter of invoice listing in Payments

2. Fix: Print and export older saved invoices in New GST template possible;

3. Fix: Purchase Rate added in Quotation item edit

4. Fix: Invoice prefix added in report GSTR1 for CSV format

5. BUG: Shipping tax now shows correctly after edit

6. BUG: Edit old Bills sometimes not possible fixed

7. BUG: Contact form did not work from the app

8. Multiple small bugs and fixes

2.4.3 - September 19th 2019   

1. Feature: Payments section with Receipts

2. Feature: New GST template design added

3. Feature: Option to show invoice prefix in reports

4. Feature: Total Quantity field & option on Invoice

5. Feature: Custom Low Stock Value for dashboard

6. Feature: Invoice Export report with tax % breakdown

7. Feature: Project field in Purchase Orders & Quotes

8. Feature: Kerala 1% Cess tax rule option added

9. Feature: Grand Total Amount option on invoices

10. Feature: Ad pictures now appear on some Free accounts

11. Feature: Filter by client/vendor in 3 Inventory reports

12. Feature: Option to show invoice prefix in exported reports

13. Improvement: Updated GSTR1 and GSTR3B reports

14. Improvement: ESC key to function as CLOSE on open tabs

15. Improvement: 0.1% GST tax rate added

16. FIX: Send document to multiple emails possible

17. FIX: Add payments unpaid listing limited to 6 months

18. FIX: Credit notes -refunded- can now be deleted

19. FIX: Multi shipping address for challan now possible

20. Fix: Advance payments appear in PO export report

21. FIX: New internal stock tracking system to keep track of issues

22. BUG: POs to non-India vendors now show foreign currency in doc

23. BUG: Cancelled invoices now appear in GSTR3B

24. BUG: 3 party Place of supply auto selection corrected

25. BUG: Unpaid shortcut not working ok in dashboard

26. BUG: Reset year bug - edit old invoices would ruin numbering fixed

27. BUG: In&Out report tracking edited invoices stock

28. Multiple small bugs and fixes

2.4.2 - December 21st 2018   

1. Feature: New document can be minimized

2. Feature: Advance payment can be added in POs

3. Feature: 1% gst added

4. FIX: Cess amount available in bills & POs

5. FIX: Eway bill json format updated

6. BUG: Proforma title character limit increased

7. BUG: In & Out Report not generating for some

8. BUG: GSTR1 csv not saving

9. BUG: Debit note qty and desc did not appear

2.4.1 - November 16th 2018

1. Bug fix for composition scheme shipping charges

2.4.0 - November 1st 2018

1. Feature:EXPORT invoice format + multi currency option in invoice

2. Feature:Debit note now available

3. Feature:GSTR4 report for Composition Dealers

4. Feature:Bills Export Report with Tax breakdown

5. Feature:Inventory Reports with Date Range

6. Feature:Delivery Challan with inclusive taxation

7. Feature:Convert Challan to invoice

8. Feature:Search by SKU in items

9. Feature:Search by contact name in Clients

10. Feature:Credit Note in In&Out report

11. Feature:Last save location for reports

12. Feature:Dashboard notification icons

13. Feature:Report: Export Invoice Item Wise with taxes

14. Feature:Make credit note from Invoice Preview

15. Feature:Cess as both % and Value

16. Feature:Major change in DB tos tock tracking system

17. Feature:Opening stock added to In&Out report

18. Feature:Currency code option instead of symbol

19. Feature:Eway bills export for invoices

20. Feature:Bills now have another field for invoice number

21. BUG FIX:Cancelled invoices not shown correctly GSTR1 now solved

22. BUG FIX:Export Bills Report discount&shipping now showing

23. BUG FIX:Traditional taxation docs Null error solved

24. BUG FIX:Place of supply auto selected as outside India in some cases now fixed

25. BUG FIX:HSN/SAC field appears properly for products and services

26. BUG FIX:Credit note can now be added for previous fiscal year also

27. BUG FIX:GSTR3B SEZ clients now see IGST correctly

28. BUG FIX:Editing tax on shipping charges in old invoices now saves as per edit

29. BUG FIX:Import client/vendor lists overwriting data is now fixed

30. BUG FIX:Taxes in export Bills / POs ,now appear based on vendor state

31. BUG FIX:Place of supply outside of India now showing correctly at reinstall

32. FIX:Increase character limit in document number prefix upto 5

33. FIX:Client data saved directly from invoice, if client does not have it set

34. FIX:Partial status for some paid invoices added in report

35. IMPROVEMENT:New discount columns now appear in reports

36. IMPROVEMENT:Multiple docs template improved (smaller spacing, smaller labels etc)

2.3.7 - May 11th 2018

1. BUG FIX: Hindi language issue in some cases

2. MOD: Option to activate Hindi added (disabled by default)

3. Bug Fix: GSTR1 bugs with calculations, taxes, extra columns

4. Fix: GSTR1 & GSTR3B updates

5. Fix: A5 template improvements

6. Fix: Credit note in GSTR1 & In & Out Report

7. Fix: Amount with discount in Inventory Reports

8. Bug fix: Due date misaligned in some cases

9. MOD: Inventory Reports now only for Inventory license

10. Bug Fix: Inclusive taxation - Unit Price row values adapted

11. Bug Fix: Shipping Charges Tax added to Bills

12. Feature: Client listing: search by GSTIN

13. Traditional taxation fixes (invoice export, state optional, HSN removed)

2.3.6 - April 19th 2018

1. FEATURE: Inclusive Taxation (on Bills & POs it is in doc edit , for sales docs, this can be activated in COMPANY DETAILS as a global setting)

2. FEATURE: Inventory report section: Sale Inventory Report, Sales by Client Report, In and Out Inventory Report

3. FEATURE: Credit Note

4. FEATURE: Upload signature for all documents

5. FEATURE: Shipping charges TAX

6. FEATURE: CESS % format on items

7. FEATURE: Label for Notes can be renamed

8. FEATURE: Clients can now have multiple shipping addresses (to be chosen in doc edit)

9. FEATURE: PO can be converted to quote

10. FEATURE: GSTR3B report available

11. FEATURE: New fields in Transport details: EWB No, Transporter Name, Transporter GSTIN No.

12. IMPROVEMENT: Cgst/Sgst calculation alternative in Options (eliminate decimal issues)

13. IMPROVEMENT: Support for HINDI in products & Notes

14. IMPROVEMENT: GSTR report improvements

15. IMPROVEMENT: Composition scheme – taxes can be added in bills

16. IMPROVEMENT: SKU limit is now 15 chars

17. IMPROVEMENT: Place of supply auto suggested based on Ship to state

18. IMPROVEMENT: Show/hide Amount in challan now works in traditional taxation

19. IMPROVEMENT: Traditional taxation quotes export now fixed & shows discount

20. IMPROVEMENT: PO and BILL place of supply is now default to user company state.

21. IMPROVEMENT: GSTIN validation warning on client gstin.

22. IMPROVEMENT: Some small changes to export/import templates to match online version

23. IMPROVEMENT: PO number fix for long labels

24. BUG FIX: A5 challan notes not showing

25. BUG FIX: Export invoice report showed IGST incorrectly for same state invoices

26. BUG FIX: Reverse charges on quote

27. BUG FIX: End Fiscal Year - doc reset would be overwritten if old document would be edited.

28. BUG FIX: In some cases notes would not appear in A5 challan.

2.3.5 - December 4th 2017

1. FEATURE: Option to show split Total GST by rate % on documents;

2. FEATURE: Place of supply setting in GST documents

3. FEATURE: Template improvements to fit more items

4. FEATURE: Option to hide Amount & Tax columns in Challan

5. FEATURE: UTGST & SEZ options & support

5. FEATURE: GSTR1 report format for LegalRaasta

6. FIX: Small Quote & proforma fixes

7. FIX: Custom city state code now appears

8. FIX: Discount fixes to be applied on Taxable value

9. FIX: A4 invoice multi-page spacing limits for items

10. FIX: Bills of supply now have HSN/SAC column

11. FIX: GSTR1 bugs and fixes

12. FIX: Open older bills and POs

13. FIX: Total shown in Sales by report

14. FIX: A5 separate labels on A4 prints

15. FIX: Amount in words darkened

16. FIX: Edit item also shows purchase rate

17. FIX: Reports window stretched in certain cases

18. FIX: Bills not saving in TEST DB

19. FIX: Indian formatting in totals

20. FIX: Sales by products stock tracking bug

21. FIX: Show tax details in tax column did not always work

22. FIX: Total balance now appears on smaller display

23. FIX: Java SE Accessibility would prevent some users from opening app

24. IMPROVEMENT: VAT ID extended to 15 characters

2.3.4 - October 10th 2017

1. FEATURE: A5 Invoice available

2. FEATURE: Proforma Invoice enabled

3. FEATURE: GSTR1 report enabled

4. FEATURE: Reverse charges option added

5. FEATURE: Option to hide Qty & Price columns

6. CHANGE: Goods/Services separation removed

7. CHANGE: Added COG to inventory report

8. FIX: Can view pre-GST documents

9. FIX: Uploading clients with GSTIN issues

10. FIX: Keep track of stocks in negative

11. FIX: New city/state selector issues

12. FIX: Taxes not imported correctly

13. FIX: Discount in Invoice report

14. FIX: Vendor address in PO

15. FIX: Multiple bugs with Bills

16. FIX: POs and Bill reports with GST split

17. FIX: SKU available in Item import/export

18. FIX: Added UAE currency symbol in English

2.3.3 - August 7th 2017    

1. FIX: State DB changed and state code added for GST

2. FIX: switching to non-gst company sometimes crashed SB

3. FIX: can view or delete old invoices

4. FIX: Invoice Export now shows CGST, IGST, SGST columns

5. FIX: Item Export and Import now have HSN/SAC

6. FIX: Invoice type is now default based on last invoice made

7. FIX: GST template now has a totals bar on the bottom

8. FIX: Transport label character limit increased

9. FIX: Added option to not add taxes to Amount column

10. FIX: Purchase Order now has GST columns

11. FiX: Original, Duplicate, Triplicate modified for GST

12. FIX: GST template numbers and font decreased in size

13. CHANGE: GST activation flow changed (now from Company)

2.3.2 - July 11th 2017

1. NEW Feature (India): GST taxation options

2. New Feature: Bill of Supply document (GST composition)

3. Change: GST template modification

4. Change: GST taxes added

5. Change: Challan template change for GST

6. Change: HSN and SAC fields added to Items & templates

7. [FIX] COGS & Gross Margin bugs repaired

2.3.0/2.3.1 - June 16th 2017

1. New License types & cost structure Existing users are not affected.

2. New Feature: Create purchase orders. Activate from Settings “use POs, bills and vendors”.

3. New Feature: Create Bill(s).

4. New Feature: Turn purchase orders in bills.

5. New Feature: Reports for purchase orders & bills.

6. New Feature: Add Vendor.

7. Improvement: Add TIN or VAT number for your company.

8. Improvement: End of fiscal year button also resets quotes, proformas and delivery notes.

9. Improvement: Added CFT in UOM list.

10. Improvement: Transport labels maximum character limit increased.

11. Improvement: Added option for default notes for each type of document.

12. Improvement: Option to change date format to dd-mm-yyyy.

13. Improvement: Added selector in transport labels for e-Sugam No. or Waybill No.

14. Change: Option to add PO date in documents, when second number is activated.

15. Change: Second invoice number is hidden by default.

16. Bug with importing products solved.

17. Bug with deleted invoices still appearing solved.

18. Bug with 3 decimals amount rounded off in words solved.

19. Bug with terms from quote remaining in converted invoice fixed.

20. Bug with gross margin showing wrong amount fixed.

21. Bug with amount due remaining the same when editing older invoices solved.

22. Bug with Invoice label showing for “Date” solved.

2.2.4 - March 30th 2017

1. New Feature: Add “Service Category” label for invoices.

2. New Feature: Generate sales by product/service report in app or export it in XLS.

3. New Feature: Add Purchase Rate and Inventory Features.

4. New Feature: Add SKU number & search by it. (Inventory Features must be enabled).

5. Improvement: Select type of invoice when converting from Proforma/quotation.

6. Improvement: Selector for Vat Tin No. or CST Tin No. label.

7. Improvement: Selector for PO No, Ref. No or Enquiry No. in Proforma, Quote or Challan.

8. Improvement: Show discount editor on edit invoice screen.

9. Change: "Tax" column automatically appears on all documents.

10. Bug with discount showing in tax column fixed.

11. Bug with cancelled invoices appearing in total value of the month in reports fixed.

12. Bug with amount due not showing correctly in saved PDF invoices solved.

13. Other small bugs fixed. (& instead of amp).

2.2.3 - December 5th 2016

1. Bug with spacing fixed;

2. Bug with Company details in Quote fixed;

3. Bug with Rounded off before Total Amount fixed;

4. Bug with Extra Discount fixed.

v 2.2.2 - November 24th 2016

1. New Feature: Tax Group with Tax2 on (Amount+Tax1) for Octroi;

2. New Feature: Net Received Amount shown on Invoice (if activated);

3. Change: Ability to show header on invoice next pages;

4. Improvement: Report improved on lower resolutions (balance is now shown);

5. Improvement: Totals section on invoice rearranged to correct order;

6. Improvement: A5 invoice can now have multiple pages;

7. Fix: Renamed label did not print;

8. Fix: Add longer VA no;

9. Fix: PO number now transferred to related docs;

10. Fix: licensing issue with company name;

11. Fix: emailing did not work with capital letters;

12. Multiple small bugs and UX issues fixed;

v 2.2.1 - October 10th 2016

1. New Design for Invoice Preview section with new UX;

2. Original, Duplicate, Triplicate documents now save to one pdf file;

3. If you have multiple page invoices, the header will only appear in the first page;

4. Option to add Transport labels (like e-sugam) on invoices from "More Options";

5. Option to Rename the Original, Duplicate, Triplicate labels from Settings > Labels section;

6. Option to cancel an invoice - this returns all stock and wipes amount due;

7. Option to hide shipping date on Challan;

8. Option to make Invoice from Quote;

9. Option to not have decimals for Quantity column;

10. Export invoice report now shows payments & PO number;

11. Report for quotations now shows if it was converted to invoice;

12. Excise invoice- option to add a Cess tax to the Excise tax %;

13. New fields in Client billing: VAT, PAA & in comp details: VAT no;

14. Address fields for client are now arranged better to take up less space;

15. Arabic language supported in Product name;

16. Total on Quotation now says Total Amount instead of Total Quotation;

17. Changes and optimizations to all invoice templates;

18. Default location for saving pdfs is now set;

19. Numerous bug fixes & improvements.

v 2.2.0 - July 12th 2016

1. Modifications & Improvements to Document Templates 1,2 & A5;

2. New Feature: Add Surcharge to any Tax from the New Tax Menu;

3. New Feature: Add Original/Duplicate/Triplicate labels to documents;

4. New Feature: MAC Version;

5. New Feature: Ability to remove Invoice Payments;

6. New Feature: Ability to change default Invoice Titles;

7. Improvement: New Service Tax with KKC added;

8. Improvement: Contact name can now be shown on Documents;

9. Improvement: Private notes now appear in XLS export;

10. Improvement: PIN Code replaces ZIP;

11. Improvement: PO Text Box in Delivery Note;

12. Bug: Hyderabad now in correct state;

13. Bug: Window Size issue in Windows 10 high resolutions.

14. Bug: Quote to Invoice shipping charges now overwrite default.

15. Fixed Numerous Small Bugs & Improvements;

v 2.1.2 - May 4th 2016

1. Fixed empty column & Preview Error bugs;

v 2.1.1 - April 27th 2016

1. Ability to filter by city in Clients and Invoices Reports

2. Added multiple email templates to choose from when sending a document

3. Ability to add Prefix and Second number to Invoice Number

4. Amount Due is now updated on the invoice documents as you make payment

5. PO number field name can be customized

6. Amount column can be removed from Delivery Notes

7. Ability to add reset the invoicing number (reset fiscal year)

v 2.1.0 - December 4th 2015

1. New Documents: Tax invoice, Retail invoice, Proforma invoice & Excise Invoice

2. New Document: Delivery note/Challan

3. Ability to add Discount per Product

4. Hide amount due on documents

5. Hide Qty, Tax & unit price columns

6. Show tax column in printed invoice

7. Column with unit of measurement

8. Unit of measurement support for products (i.e. grams, boxes, hours, meters etc)

9. A5 invoice redesign and improvement

10. New Service tax of 14.5% with SBCess listed

11. Option to hide Qty, Tax and Unit prce columns

12. Option to use 3 or 4 decimals

13. Indian formatting for numbers

14. Lakh and Crore used in Show amount in words

15. Redesign and improvement of Partial Payments section

v 2.0.3 – August 13th 2015

1. Added New Document Reports:
- Amount Paid, Balance (Outstanding), Dr/Cr and Date of Payment

2. Added Service Tax native support (with Cess added to tax amount)

3. Added ability to make new Taxes that have Cess added to their amount

4. Added option to create Tax Groups (multiple taxes grouped and applied individually to Amount)

5. Added option to add Shipping and Packaging costs to Total amount

6. Added option to Show Tax column in printed invoice instead of Quantity column

7. Tax names in dropdowns are now composed of both percentage and name

8. Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

v 2.0.2 – July 30th 2015

1. Added option to show Total amount in words on documents

2. Added Authorized Signatory placeholder option on invoices

3. Added Option to “Round off” total amount

4. Added TIN, PAN and Service Tax number to company details

5. Added a new, smaller document size for Invoices and Quotations: A5

6. Fixed balanced stock issue

7. Added separate, dedicated installer version for Partners

8. Free users can now activate Premium via “License Key” field

9. Estimates have now been renamed to Quotations

10. TIN can now be displayed as a column in the client export XLS

11. Space for “Notes” has been dramatically increased

12. Document limit / month is now 10

13. Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

v 2.0.1 - January 9th 2015

1. Technical upgrade (no functionality added or changed)

v 2.0.0 - December 4th 2014

1. License options are now: PREMIUM and FREE

2. Password protection: you can protect your business information by securing the program login by means of a password

3. Basic stock tracking functionality: you can add your current stock and it will be automatically recalculated when you issue invoices

4. New document model, fit for mailing by screen envelopes; color template picker, including black

5. Copy document functionality: when you use the same information on your documents to a great extent, all the hassle of rewriting has been replaced by a click on the Copy button

6. Label customization: you can now use the terms you prefer for certain aspects; if you prefer Quote instead of Estimate, you can change it very easily, and you will see the change reflected on your printed documents

7. Documents which have been sent by email or not can now be easily identified in the Reports

8. Combined taxes can be set up: combination of two taxes applied at the same time or one after the other, on the same product (in compliance with the Canadian tax system)

9. Preferred date formats are now available

10. The balance for each document is now visible on all document models, for ease of payment track

11. The program also remembers the path where you decide to save the issued documents

12. Default notes on documents can now be saved to be used on all documents, sparing the trouble to write the same text over and over again

13. Several lines in the description of a product can be entered using the enter command, to suit your needs (to enter size, colour or other significant details of your products/services)

14. The program now remembers the preferred zoom level used to view the documents

15. Redesign of various screens: client details, preferences

16. Various cosmetic changes: text alignment and rewording, documents details design, tooltips, buttons layout and alignment, various bug fixes.

17. The Free license has limited options: no dedicated support, no document emailing functionality, no copy document functionality, no password protection, no stock tracking, only one document model and color template available

v 1.4.4 - 19 September 2013

1. New dedicated discount functionality: you can add a discount to your document

2. Password protection: you can protect your business information by securing the program login by means of a password

3. Basic stock tracking functionality: you can add your current stock and it will be automatically recalculated when you issue invoices

4. New document model, fit for mailing by screen envelopes

5. Copy document functionality: when you use the same information on your documents to a great extent, all the hassle of rewriting has been replaced by a click on the Copy button

6. Label customization: you can now use the terms you prefer for certain aspects; if you prefer Quote instead of Estimate, you can change it very easily, and you will see the change reflected on your printed documents

7. Redesign of various screens: client details, preferences

8. Various cosmetic changes: text alignment and rewording, documents details design, tooltips, buttons layout and alignment, various bug fixes

v 1.4.3 - 30 July 2013

1. You can now record the total or partial payment on your invoices when issued or from the report , and your documents status will be marked accordingly in the report

2. Quick view of the paid and outstanding amounts on hovering the status of each invoice in the report

3. You can add a link to your PayPal account on your invoices so you can receive faster payments

4. You can configure your automatic email text for sending documents by email, using custom fields such as invoice number, date, client name and other significant details taken directly from the program

5. You have the option to set no tax to the products added to the documents

6. Minimize Sleek Bill pressing Ctrl+M keys so you can have instant access to your desktop items

7. Ability to add a description to the products/services

8. Preferences menu to make certain settings, such as showing tips or control adding products to the database a.s.o.

9. Various cosmetic changes: text alignment, default reports views, reports sorting, documents details design, bug fixes

v 1.4.2 - 3 July 2013

1. Order License menu added in the tool bar

2. Start screen - new users can opt to test or use the program, and existing users can restore the database to a prior state

3. Test mode database - a set of predefined mock data for new users to test the solution

4. Back option added on creating company profile

5. Tax percentage detailed on the invoices

6. Email Configuration screen improvement

7. Send by Email screen improvement

8. Access to document editing mode from reports and from the viewer

9. Various cosmetic changes: icons, text alignment, default reports views consistency

v 1.4.1 - 31 June 2013

1. Issue Estimate

2. Estimates Report

3. Convert estimate to invoice functionality

4. Currency displayed on document issue screen

5. Adding product/service from document issue screen

6. Ability to add Country

7. Order product license key functionality changed

8. Date fields improvement

9. Letter paper format option included

10. Colour customization functionality

11. Taxes detailed on the invoice footer

12. Company details screen update

13. Various details modified on invoice Viewer: currency, shipping and billing details, purchase order

14. Reports update: filter&order improvement

15. Invoice payment terms selector

16. Cosmetic changes in various places: icons, dialogues, text alignment, dashboard arrangement, lists ordering

v 1.0.0 - 13 May 2013

1. Tool bar menu and dashboard links

2. Create company profile and select current company

3. Backup Data and Restore Data

4. Add New option in lists

5. Taxes

6. Issue Invoice

7. Invoice viewer

8. Invoices Report

9. Add/Edit/View/Delete client

10. Clients Report

11. Import/Export clients list

12. Add/Edit/View/Delete product/service

13. Products/Services Report

14. Import/Export products list

15. Add City/County/State

16. Email server configuration

17. US date format

18. License by company name

19. About screen

20. Feedback form

21. Order Key

22. Trial ending screens

23. Backup notification