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Making proforma invoices has never been easier.
Get a billing solution designed for the Indian SMBs.

Sleek Interface Design

The intuitive, modern interface makes it one of the most easy to use invoicing solutions. Proforma invoices have never been this simple to create!

Always ready to help you

Calculating, formatting, printing, delivering invoices to your customers - you can always count on Sleek Bill to do the hard work.

Professional looking documents

Your image matters and you know it! No other free invoicing software puts so much emphasis on the design of proforma, excise, tax & retail invoices.

Advanced billing options

Developed together with specialized accountants, Sleek Bill’s latest version includes the ability to show the amount in words, the Signatory field or Round off the total amount.

Create GST Invoices

Make professional and error free GST Tax invoice and Bill of Supply, easy and fast. Use optimized templates, compliant with gst law and do not waste time on manual invoicing.

GST Tax Breakdown

With full support for SGST, CGST and IGST, you can now calculate your tax breakdown based on the state of your client. Just select the appropriate tax slab for your item and Sleek Bill will do the math.

Faster, easier, better

Sleek Bill for India is the most efficient invoicing solution available on the market. Making documents or proforma invoices and e-mailing them has never been easier.

Comprehensive reports one click away

More than a proforma invoice solution, Sleek Bill is a business tool that allows you to keep tabs on your clients, payment history, services and inventory in order to better run your business.

Adapts to Your Needs

Meet the billing software that gets better every time you use it! Sleek Bill for India learns everything you tell it and then, just when you need it, helps you fill in data in the documents.

Backup / Safely restore your data

All your data is safely stored and secured on your PC. If anything goes wrong or you just need to transfer the data to another computer, the backup and restore feature is there to help you.

Print or Email your Proformas

Once you’re done creating the invoice or proforma, you can print it, save as a PDF or e-mail it to your customers straight from our software.

Suited for any PC or laptop

With Sleek Bill you can forget any compatibility concerns. This invoice software is designed to work perfectly with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10.

Make Proforma Invoices

The Proforma Invoice option in Sleek Bill allows you to declare your commitment to provide products or services to a buyer at a certain price.

Create Delivery Note/Challan

Based on public request, we now have full support for creating Challans. These can be customizable in type column or template model.

A5 Small Invoice template

No more wasting paper with the new A5 invoice template, optimized for those invoices or quotations that don't have too much data.

What users think about Sleek Bill:

Over 797 users rated and reviewed us as the best invoice solution

We are in the services business and we have tried many programs for billing. So far, Sleek Bill is the best we have used till now.

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Alwyn Dsouza, Alwyn Dsouza & Co - EDUNOVATE

Alwyn Dsouza & Co

I have been using Sleek Bill for the last 9 months and it's just too awesome. Quotes and Invoices are just on one click away, I am saving at least 80% of my time. Previously i was spending a lot of time to do invoicing related jobs.Thank you Sleek Bill!

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Deepak - BAUX


It has very good options for creating quotations and invoices. Our work got simplified and we don’t have to waste our time as much.

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Ananth - Amaran Brands