52. How to make e-way bills from Sleek Bill?

E-way bill (EWB) can only be generated from the Government portal so total integration is not possible due to this. However, from Sleek Bill you can export an XLS / JSON file and add it to the EWB government portal to auto-generate the e-way bill.

How to get the EWB details from Sleek Bill?

After creating an invoice in Sleek Bill, click preview, then save. After you save, you will get this screen:

Make e-way bill

Here, you have two options:
- Export e-way XLS
- Export e-way JSON

Either option you click on, you will get a dialogue box that is asking you to enter the shipping distance in km. Enter the distance and click on Save.

Export e-way bile file

Pick a location in your computer and save your file. You will get a message in green, that lets you know your file was saved, just as the one below.

E-way bill file saved

How to upload the JSON File into the EWB Portal?

Once your JSON file is ready for the import, log into the EWB portal using your credentials.
- Navigate to e-Way Bill section in the sidebar of the home page
- Select Generate Bulk from the drop-down.
- Click Choose File to upload the JSON file.
- Click Upload & Generate to generate the e-way bills.

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