19. How to configure a Gmail account in Sleek Bill to send documents via email?

After the last Gmail update, new security measures were included.
Here are the steps to activate the emailing feature in Sleek Bill:

a. Go to Gmail Settings

-> After the last attempt you got an email from gmail in your account titled „Sign-in attempt prevented”. What Gmail needs is for you to manually allow other apps to use your email.


To do this, please log in to your desired gmail address and go here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255

b. Once the page loads, please click on "Less secure apps” section, just like in the attached photo.

c. From the new page, click „Enable”, just like in the picture to the right, and then close the tab.

-> After you have done this, you can open Sleek Bill and send documents via gmail, provided the correct address and password are introduced.


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