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User friendly, simple and efficient billing software updated with complete inventory features.
Compatible with GST, composition scheme or international taxation.

Sale Inventory Report

You can download a report on sales by item for each and every invoice made for your tracked inventory, showcasing the name, quantity and price of the items sold.

Sales by Client Report

For each client you can generate a report of the invoices you made for him / her, containing the total amount invoiced, taxable amount, tax breakdown (IGST, SGST and CGST) and the status of the invoice.

In and Out Inventory Report

A report created to track your inventory based on your purchases (in) and your sales (out) with price, quantity and amount, open stock, all ordered by date and client.

Items in hand Report

Get a closer look on sales for all of your items: check the quantity sold and the remaining quantity,the total value of sales, your cost of goods sold and your gross margins.

Sales by Product / Service Report

With reports based on the type of items that you trade you can have a better understanding on the products you sell and which ones bring you more profit. You can check details such as quantity sold, cost of goods sold and gross margins between specific dates.

GSTR 1, 4 & 3B Reports

Get your GSTR 1 and 3B reports in a compliant excel format, ready to be uploaded to the government offline tool. You can file GSTR-1 online easily straight from Sleek Bill with the help of our partner LegalRaasta*. (*incurs additional costs)

Advantages of using Sleek Bill as your inventory software

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  • Convenient
    Track inventory, check reports on sales and invoices and issue all types of documents such as invoices, quotes, delivery notes, purchase orders, bills and credit notes.
  • Safeguard your data
    Sleek Bill is an offline software designed to work safely on PC’s, away from online threats, giving you control over your data storage.
  • GST templates for all documents
    Go about your business as usual knowing that your documents have the correct GST format, giving you no compliance headaches.
  • Easy data management
    Upload detailed lists of your clients or vendors to easily access your data when you need it. This helps you to also check balances easier for each of the businesses you trade with.
  • Backup & restore options
    You will be get in soft reminders to backup your data frequently. Store it safely in multiple locations to ensure that you can restore it anytime, on any computer with Sleek Bill.


Free trial, no hidden fees

Full support for unites of measurement

Our inventory software has been designed to include the most popular units of measurement but you can also create your own custom one, in case it doesn’t exist already.

Track stock

Keep track of your inventory to benefit of all the aforementioned reports and also make sure you can always provide your clients with the solicited goods.

Add GST rates and calculate GST tax

Add GST rates to your items and Sleek Bill will calculate the corresponding tax amount and breakdown into CGST and SGST or IGST every time you raise an invoice.

Make purchase orders, turn them to bills

Create and send purchase orders to your vendors and confirm receiving the goods ordered by creating purchase bills in Sleek Bill, automatically renewing your stock values.

Make credit/debit notes, E-way bills

Make optimized credit and debit notes to easily keep track of your credits/debits. For each invoice you make, you can also issue a JSON / XLS file that you can readily use to make your e-way bills from the government portal.

Advanced document options

Developed with specialized accountants and business owners just like you, our latest version allows you to customize your documents by hiding amount due, showing the tax split, adding your signature or a payment link and more.

I am using Sleek Bill offline and have done really great work with it. I suggested it to many in my region and people have started using it happily, enjoying it more than any other software because it’s very easy to use and understand. I am in constant touch with the support team if i am facing any difficulties and whenever I have suggestions I just email them and some have already been applied! Thanks for that! I’m looking forward for the newest updates.

Darshan - Shri Ganesh Indian Industries